Sunday, 27 May 2012

Mob Arena... FIGHT!

Mob Arena Starting Room


Mob Arena... FIGHT!

This is the best fun on the server! Jump in at any time (when a fight isn't already in progress) and choose your class by right clicking the different signs. Click the iron block and then fight your way through hordes of mobs in the company of your fellow server goers. The moderators love the arena too, you'll often get to play in here with them! 

To get here type: /warp mobistar (to have a look) but to fight type /ma join when you've sadly been overwhelmed by the mobs just type /ma leave to get out. 

Ulticore Gaming


Ulticore track

Ulticore track! 

This is our racing track, often the feature of many livestreams from xRpMx13's account! Race along the track and try to avoid the cobwebs but don't fall off! Come online, you might get into a race with xRpMx13 himself!

To get to the Ulticore just type: /warp ulticore

Automall... Shopping!


Automall... Aka Shopping!

This shows our modest little automall area. The automall is a place for you to use your in game currency (just type /money to see your account balance) to buy items and materials. You can make money by mining and selling your items here too.

To get to the automall just type: /warp automall

Server Prison!

Server Prison

Jail Cells
Server Prison!

If you are at any point found to be breaking the server rules, you may find yourself behind bars in our server prison. In order to keep yourself out of trouble, respect the server, the mods and the other players.

To take a look at the prison, type /warp prison 

Exiting the Spawn & Entering the City

Spawn Exit
Exiting the Spawn & Entering the city

This picture shows what you'll see when you exit the spawn. Have a look inside the xRpMx13 statue or visit the market stalls for trading!

To get here, type: /warp spawn 

Spawn Area

The Server Spawn
Spawn Area 

To travel back to the spawn, just press the [t] key to open chat and type: /warp spawn 

This is what you see when you join the server! Please do read all the signs and visit the Help centre for answers to your questions :)