GLG Upgrade

You've watched the videos, you've joined the server. Now what? Upgrade to GLG status today!
Read below to see what perks you will receive with your monthly subscription.
We have ELITE GLG / GLG/ DONATOR sub packages.
Simply visit and sign up using your in game username.

Donator - $5
Fly Mod
Diamond, Iron and Stone kit every 24 hours
Mob Disguise
Long Distance Torch
/back command

GLG - $10
Added to xRpMx13's skype for calls and chats if he's on the server
Exempt from auto kick while AFK (away from keyboard)
Full set of diamond (etc) every 12 hours (type /kit in game)
/back command
Fly Mod
/me (to set a *[i am] doing this* action)
Long Distance Torch
Mob Disguise
Create Warps
$1000 in game

ELITE GLG  - $20
All above perks
Followed on twitter by xRpMx13
Access to xRpMx13's survival world
Diamond Kit every 3 hours